1 provider. 1 advisor. 1 bill.

No more fuss.

Get managed IT from only R250pm.

Why Managed?

More work, less wait

Most IT problems are predictable or preventable. By using our managed services, our experts do preventive maintenance on your devices constantly and keep their ears to the ground for any signs of growing problems. By doing this we can limit the amount of downtime caused by computer issues. This helps you to save on labour costs (for employees that cannot work because his / her device is not working) and makes sure you do not lose work because your system is unable to function. We also advise you on upgrades that need to be made, and where time (money) can be saved, by making things more productive.

If an employee waits just 10 minutes a day for his / her device to do something every day, he / she spends 50 minutes a week or 2 500 minutes a year waiting. A total of 42 hours (more than 1 work week) that your company pays for, and gets no work done for.

In house, but cheaper

Having dedicated staff is expensive and only works for the largest of companies. By using our managed IT services you have access to our experts and all their knowledge at a fraction of the cost of an IT staff member per month (and we do not strike, go on leave, or give your HR any nightmares).

Fixed, bugdetable costs

Your monthly price is a fixed monthly cost, and will not change until your contract expires. All rates that are excluded from the contract monthly fee are also fixed and you will be notified before incurring any additional costs.

We will also help with strategic planning and advise you on which equipment will need upgrades and what it will approximately cost, allowing you to plan your budget effectively while keeping surprises to the minimum.

Guaranteed response times

Our guaranteed response times make sure you get the service you require when you need it most. Any emergency receives absolute priority support, and a technician will be on site within the agreed time. This will greatly reduce the downtime of critical services and the very expensive coffee breaks for the whole office.

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