Uncapped Wireless Internet

From only R 310 / pm

No lines, no caps, no contracts - no hassle


No Lines Needed!

KPCI's uncapped wireless internet uses a wireless dish for connection so no fixed lines are required (telephone or fibre).

Uncapped & All Inclusive

All our packages have no limit on data and include all items needed. No line rental, admin, or itemised billing fees.

No hidden fees

View your CCTV and more, without an extra fee. Just don't run public servers ;)

Public Hotspot Roaming

Surf like at home while drinking coffee and more. A list of partners will be available soon.

Same up & down speeds

No more download like a lion, upload like a kitten. Our speeds are the same whether going up or down.

Private & Secure

We use industry-leading technology and enterprise security protocols to insure your connection is private and secure.

No Lock-in Contract

All of our accounts are prepaid, so if you for whatever reason want to cancel, we just need 1 months' notice.

Radio Buyback

All of our radios are refundable up to 36 months, just because having weird radios lying around is not cool.

Business Class Service

Whether you run a home, a business, guest house, or restaurant our wireless internet is up to the task!

How it works

Our service works with a wireless link between your home / business and one of our towers. The wireless link is established by installing a wireless antenna on your roof. We are totally independent from ADSL and have no reliance on copper telephone lines. This means that our service will not be affected by most cable theft. The antenna is in most cases small and dish-like, which is then linked with the system of your choice. In most cases, we install a small access point which clips discreetly onto the power supply of the antenna.


(Coverage maps coming soon)

Mananga Road / Strydomblok / Coopersdal / Komatidraai Farms

Marloth Park

Coming Soon




Best Suited For:
  • Web browsing
  • Emails
  • SD streaming
  • < 2GB Downloads
2mb/s Download
2mb/s Upload
Totally Uncapped

R 310.00pm

Standard Plus

Best Suited For:
  • HD streaming
  • Online Gaming
  • < 4GB Downloads
  • Small Offices
4mb/s Download
4mb/s Upload
Totally Uncapped

R 500.00pm


Best Suited For:
  • Multiple streaming
  • Online Gaming
  • > 4GB Downloads
  • Large Offices
10mb/s Download
10mb/s Upload
Totally Uncapped

R 900.00pm

Prices include VAT.

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